One of the most anticipated premieres is already happening. After months of rumors and speculation, the new flagship of Samsung will soon be in our hands. And we expect this with great interest, as from the Samsung repeatedly promised something very important – devices that launching a new era in the world of smartphones.

Starting from the design without corners, go through the idea that the phone is at the center of our experiences, to be the control center of our smart environment. CEO of Samsung, emphasized that everything they do is in order to show that mobile devices can be more than just a phones.

“But it’s not just our journey, it is yours,” he said, adding that “The new phones are inspired by your world.” However, we knew exactly how it will look the new phones thanks to a number of information leaks on the Internet, but now everything is official. And now is the time for details of the phones that will come at April 21.

To be completely honest, the new models look really impressive in terms of its design. This year the screen of the standard model has been replaced by curved edge from the previous two generations of Galaxy S. The decision is logical, as consumer interests are directed primarily at the more interesting edge models.

Galaxy S8 no longer has the physical buttons on the front panel, where is the 5.8-inch screen. That made the device more comfortable, although it has a larger screen and the frame around it is minimal. This means that 83% of the front panel is occupied by the display.

And if that sounds impressive, the plus version has a huge 6.2-inch screen, but thanks to its shape the phone does not seem huge. The front and rear panel are protected by strong glass Gorilla Glass 5.

What happens with the fingerprint sensor? No, it’s not built into the display, but is located on the back – one of the most controversial moments in the design of new phones. It is right next to the camera, and most probably at least in the beginning you will touch the camera.

Will this be something common, we’ll know as soon as we have the opportunity to test the new models. If you choose not to use the fingerprint as a main method of unlocking your phone, you can use the sensor and the retina feature. The feature was introduced with the Galaxy Note 7 and actually works quickly and in the moment you get used to it, unlocking is easy enough and safe. But that’s not all.

You can now use and recognition of your entire face, to unlock the device. To complete the news of the appearance of the device we must announce the good news – 3.5 mm jack remains and this time we have USB-C port as well. On one side of the panel is a button for switching on and off, and on the other – those for volume control.

More interesting is the other side where is located a button to activate one of the most anticipated developments in the Samsung’s  flagship – the voice assistant Bixby. Both phones are waterproof and dustproof with certified IP68. For this we will talk shortly after but before, let us look at the hardware under the hood.

Galaxy S8 is equipped with the best at the moment – processor the Snapdragon 835 (or Exynos Octa Core) – and both variants are made in 10 nm process. Why this is important? Because, at least in theory, that means less power consumption and more battery life.

The 5.8-inch screen of Galaxy S8 has a resolution of 2960×1440 pixels. It is the same for the 6.2-inch Plus version. More interesting is the ratio of the display, which is 18.5:9, which should be really convenient for watching video content in landscape mode or text in portrait.

The displays are certified by the UHD Alliance as Mobile HDR Premiun. Both models come with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB of internal memory as there is (available slot for microSD memory card). The battery of the S8 is  3,000 mAh, while the larger S8+ has 3,500 mAh.

About the camera the things purely on paper sound familiar – 12 MP DualPixel with optical stabilization and aperture f/1.7 to capture more light. The most of the improvements are in the software (adding a few fun modes, including creating GIF).

The front sensor, however, is a step forward. Now he is 8 MP (aperture again is f/1.7) and something very important – has face autofocus, something that surely will improve significantly selfie photos. The operating system is Android 7.0 Nougat, dressed in the latest and lighter version of TouchWiz. In recent years the “skin” constantly improving, although we continue to encounter some unwanted applications.

Perhaps the most interesting here is called DeX. It allows, through the use of a special docking station to connect the phone to a monitor, keyboard and mouse and to use it as a computer. Undoubtedly this will be usefull for some users, but others may completely ignore it. However the chance to use MS Office on the go sounds tempting.

And now this brings us to one of the most anticipated new features that we hinted at a little above – the smart assistant Bixby. “Our phones are becoming more sophisticated. We adapt to them,” explained Samsung. And precisely here comes Bixby, who in many situations will completely replace the touch of the phone.

The reason is that sometimes even the simplest interactions with our smart device can take longer since you have to navigate through several menus. “Bixby know what is happening on the screen and can easily switch from touch to voice”, the company said.

The new assistant can be activated through the hardware button. With a quick click opens Bixby Home (also available by swiping the home screen to the left, where you will expect and most frequently used applications), long press activates the voice function, Bixby can also be found into the camera application.

Speaking with Bixby is one of the most interesting features, as this is where the idea comes to Samsung, that he should be able to help the overall performance of the device. Not just to ask questions related to the weather, for example. What does this mean?

Imagine that you open the app gallery. There is a photo, but you want to rotate it. Just tell Bixby to do it. This saving a few taps on the screen. On early stage this type of abilities will only work with some applications, but certainly over time, the list will grow.

The presence of Bixby in camera is also interesting, although we’ve seen things like this in other phones, but not so well integrated. If you are out and start the camera Bixby assistant will recognize the picture where you are and will give suggestions for restaurants and places around.

If you point the camera at the subject, Bixby can recognize it and look for it at Amazon or Pinterest. Bixby also will deal with notifications and reminders, according to location and time. For example, if you saved message conversation for a family vacation, the assistant will remind you about it when you get home.

The truth is that Galaxy S8 is equipped with dignity, to fight with the other flagships on the market. Undoubtedly the design is among his winners weapons because it looks really great. But Galaxy S8 sound like a phone that seems not yet realizing its full potential.

Bixby, is one of the risk, but also the most interesting innovations yet to develop, and Samsung believe that the new flagship will be the focus of the smart and connected home as the connecting device between all gadgets.

For this hints the application Samsung Connect, which is a hub precisely for that. At the moment there is no much details about it and whit which devices will work, but that will soon change. Did Galaxy S8 surprise us with something? Rather not, but this is not necessarily bad.

And this year, Samsung presents one of the most complex flagship devices. Perhaps some consumers are expecting more as this year’s flagship is charged with the serious task to lead again the company forward in the highest segment – where the Galaxy S7 / Galaxy S7 edge had an excellent performance, but because of unpleasant problems with Note 7 Korean manufacturer got a big trouble at the end of the year.

Whether Galaxy S8 is just the beginning for the company that remains to be seen. K.SAMSUNGTECH NEWSAI,Android,Android 7.0,Android Nougat,Artificial Intelligence,Bixby,Galaxy S8,Samsung,smartphone,Snapdragon 835,voice assistantOne of the most anticipated premieres is already happening. After months of rumors and speculation, the new flagship of Samsung will soon be in our hands. And we expect this with great interest, as from the Samsung repeatedly promised something very important - devices that launching a new era...