After many weeks of rumors and leaks finally Samsung official presented – Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+. The presentation was very well arranged and delivered – Korean manufacturer was able to demonstrate their new products and to hint for them next smart watch and reveal new details about Samsung Pay for only 45 minutes.

At the beginning of the event JK Shin, president of Samsung Electronics, who told the audience that Samsung listen and trust them customers. “We prefer to win your trust in the old but effective way – through better and newer products. This is not easy. For something like that it takes more than a great mind. It takes even more courage and perseverance,” said Shin.


In the last sentence it has become more than clear that he refers to the first Note, which many skeptics spoke there too large display to be practical and stylus is something almost no one needs. History has shown that this is not true. The presentation of this model passed several years, and we know now you can not wait to learn more about the fifth edition of this series.

One of the first good news is that we say “goodbye” to the artificial skin. Although the material has proved his increasing comfort grip, surely the combination of glass and metal is more pleasant to the eye.

Justin Denison, vice president of product strategy and marketing, explained that “like the S6 Edge, the new Note carries the same DNA. Made of metal and glass. The metal is even stronger. Thinner and lighter than the previous model.”

The new Note comes with a 5.7-inch display with a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels (518 ppi) and, like the Galaxy S6 has a metal frame and front and rear panels of glass. The difference here is that the rear panel curves gently to the profiles, which improves comfort holding with one hand. On the back again we can find 16MP (larger sensor – f1.9 compared with Note 4) camera, accompanied by flash, under which it is located and pulse netter. Here we should mention a new feature – Live Broadcasting. Through it you can share live video through popular platform. Samsung has reported that users are already using Periscope or Meerkat, but added that your friends should also have registration, but for YouTube, that is not so – sharing becomes easier. The front camera is 5MP. Although some rumors mentioned USB-C standard, but is missing.

In the series Galaxy Note the star is always been the stylus called S Pen. Here it is retained, but the changes in it are not drastic. One of the really small, but pleasant news is that the pen snaps into its allotted slot. In the words of Cnet, who have had the opportunity to test the device, the feeling is very nice. Samsung has commented that the new S Pen user writes better and smoother, but here again you can use it like a mouse – a feature that was introduced last year. Only by reference opens the preview function (internet link, photo, etc.), you can drag and paste files and take screenshots of the content (you can make continuous picture of the whole site or document).


Among the innovations is the altered Air Command menu. Among the new features is Instant memo – you can jot down notes even if the display is off. The latter applies if now you’ve pulled S Pen.

Future owners of the Galaxy Note 5 will be able to write directly to PDF files – the presentation we saw Denison open a PDF document that had to questioning. He pulled the S Pen, wrote his signature to the appointed place, save the file and send it. The feature will surely be more than convenient for users who are often forced to make such actions.

In hardware nature Note 5 is at the required high level. The specification include eight-core processor Exynos 7 known from Galaxy S6, 4 GB RAM and two options for internal storage – 32 or 64GB. Unfortunately no microSD card slot. The battery is 3000mAh, and interesting is the integration of fast wireless charging. This means that for a full charge without cable will take about 2 hours.

At the end of the presentation of the new Note Denison presented an interesting accessory – a physical keyboard. If you do not use it, you can flip it and attach to the back of the phone.


Although the changes do not seem drastic, the new Note 5 looks like a complex device that can satisfy the needs of fans of multimedia and business customers. It is interesting whether developments are sufficient to make the leap from Note 4 to 5. When we have the opportunity to do extensive testing, we can say with certainty.

Tonight Korean manufacturer introduced another smartphone – Galaxy S6 Edge +. It shares the same hardware as Note 5 but is distinguished by its curved display.

The good news here is that Edge has new menu options. The first is that you can bring it wherever you are around the menus, not just the home screen. The second is that there are already two lists of features through which you can move. One is for shortcuts to five contacts – something which we are familiar from Galaxy S6 Edge. From here you can view missed calls from those friends and you can contact them by phone, SMS or email. In the second list are shortcuts that you define.

Then came the phones of Samsung Pay. More about the service presented by Rhee, who is also project manager. “We aim to develop a solution that is convenient, secure and affordable for businesses of any size. We must not forget that we wanted to be fun to use,” he explained. Among the pros of Samsung Pay is protection KNOX, but also the ability to work with both technologies MST (Magnetic Secure Transmission) and NFC. This means that the service can be used almost anywhere.


In the end we saw a short clip, which only hint to a new smartwatch. The watch will be presented officially at IFA 2015.

samsung-smart-watch K.SAMSUNGTECH NEWSAndroid,Galaxy Note 5,Galaxy S6 Plus,Samsung,Samsung Pay,smartphone,smartwatchAfter many weeks of rumors and leaks finally Samsung official presented - Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+. The presentation was very well arranged and delivered - Korean manufacturer was able to demonstrate their new products and to hint for them next smart watch and reveal new details...